Going Too Fast, Seeing No Progress

Recent weeks have been a source of mounting frustration with my training and lack of progress. I’m also increasingly growing irritated by my body’s refusal to respond with proper adaptation to all the stimuli I’m serving it. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the reason behind this situation. I’m working out too hard and not letting my body recover succinctly.

Heading Out with a Plan, Doing the Opposite

When I plan my runs, I take great care figuring out the pace and distance of each interval. I like all the nitty-gritty details of different running workouts and their importance in getting faster and stronger.

That’s the theory. In reality, I go out there, forget all about the paces, and kill myself on the road, going faster than target pace by even 15 seconds sometimes…

During easy runs, instead of trying to go real slow and be on the lower end of zone 2, I push it close to zone 3 (sometimes actually going into z3).

Now, this ridiculous approach to training leaves me perpetually fatigued. I’m also becoming reluctant to even go out there anymore. So it’s not really a surprise to see that I’m not experiencing any progress compared to all the running I do. I mean, what progress can possibly occur in a battered body?

Exploring the Reasons Why

I have no idea. I think I lose myself out there, in the moment and in the run. I also, no surprise here, sprinkle all that with a great dose of bravado. And while I can side with my inner runner on doing quality sessions really hard, I do not approve of this too-fast easy running behavior.

I’m writing all of this here because I need some form of an audience to maybe start being accountable for my own pledges to GO SLOW.


Personal bests: 5K - 20:48 10K - 43:48

1 thought on “Going Too Fast, Seeing No Progress

  1. Anna says:

    As far as I consider myself your audience—I command you to SLOW DOWN! 🐌


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