It’s So Good to Be Running Again

I’ve been running every day for the last week, and it’s a wonderful feeling to be back. I honestly thought a week-long break wouldn’t make me miss running so much. But when I woke up last Monday at 6:30 am for the first post-break run, the joy of breathing in that crisp morning air brought back all the magical moments from the past training sessions. I couldn’t wait to hit the gravel!

The thing is, I love running in the morning. There’s something uplifting in the idea that the world around you is just starting to wake and you’re there to witness it, dashing among unlit households and fog-covered fields. A day always becomes brighter and more promising after working up a decent sweat first thing in the morning. And then you can treat yourself to a hearty breakfast ;D

The least fun aspect of morning running is, obviously, getting up to do it. I often struggle mightily with that part of training, and unfortunately, even though I’ve been doing most of my workouts in the morning, it never gets any better. Sometimes nothing, not even a nice run, can beat the warmth of the bed. But no matter how hard the getting up part, running always manages to compensate for all that suffering 😉

Yup, my mind is relishing that wholesome routine of running every day, but my body seems less appreciative. My legs are so sore from all that strength training that I walk around like a drunk duck, yelping every time I sit down. There’s a reason why I bear it out, though.

Strength training is an extremely important part of base training. All that painful effort will pay off in the latter training phases when there are more miles to digest and higher training intensities to adapt to. With strengthened muscles, tendons, and ligaments, the body is less likely to suffer a stress injury. As we increase running stimuli, the body needs an appropriate background to respond to training properly.

For the last week, I’ve been doing plenty of repeats with light weights. I’ll continue this week’s strength routine in a similar fashion (maybe add a few pounds). Here’s the routine:

Leg exercises:

  • weighted squats
  • weighted front lunges
  • deadlifts
  • resistance band extensions

Core & upper body:

  • pushups
  • planks
  • dead bug
  • bird dog
  • hip raises
  • curls

Also on the menu for this week are:

  • light uphill strides tacked to the end of most easy runs
  • drills to prepare my body for high-intensity repetitions starting next week
  • plyometrics to increase power and improve running economy


Personal bests: 5K - 20:48 10K - 43:48

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