Post-Season Reflections

This year marks the first year of consistent running for me. I started in September 2018, coming back to running for good after years of hitting the gravel on-and-off. In my case, that on-and-off pattern lasted for almost fifteen years!

But I have a confession: it was one of the best years of my life—running has had such a tremendous impact on my lifestyle that I would undermine its importance by calling it a mere hobby.

Pretty much from the get-go, running has taken my daily routine by storm. I have instilled a habit of getting up in the morning and going for a run—a routine that has settled itself so firmly that the mornings without running felt weird.

So on one dreary winter evening, after reading a couple of blogs about running, an idea came to me: Why not race?

I remember hopping online and browsing through 10K races slated for the upcoming summer. Floating on my recently ignited desire to race, I signed up for two 10K races—one on June 29, the other on August 18.

This was around March 2019, and it was sometime around then that I started running almost daily, gradually increasing mileage and intensity of my workouts. And even though I’ve already been in love with running back then, having a goal helped my love mature.

As a result, I trained pleasantly hard for over five months, averaging 45–50 miles per week during the peak phase of training. The workouts acquired specificity and purpose, becoming small celebrations of the simple act of breaking a sweat and breathing outdoors. And flying uninhibited over the ground.

I took part in four race events: three 10Ks and one 5K.

The overview of my monthly mileage prior to a planned break in October.

Now it’s the middle of October and I’m enjoying a return to training after a short off-season break. During that dreadful week without running, I had lots of time to reflect on my future running plans. After much consideration but still somewhat unexpectedly, I decided to run in a marathon. There’s something mystical about the distance, something that has always been tempting me even though I’ve never believed I could ever viably consider attacking that distance.

I guess this guy had a lot of influence in making up my mind 🙂 Source: Reuters

I’m almost a year away from the marathon (September 27, 2020) and I know a myriad of things can happen during that time. I also know that I’m determined to prepare my body and my mind to tackle the king of long-distance runs.

It’s not as much about conquering the distance as it is about participating in the unique atmosphere of the marathon as well as preparations for it. On most of my runs, I experience this unparalleled feeling, as if I were looking into the vastness of the universe, able to touch its texture and take some of that magic back with me to cherish for hours after a run. I have a feeling that running a marathon is an ultimate opportunity to experience something extraordinary, something that lasts a lifetime. And I want to at least try if that’s the case.

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