Why Lousy Runner?

Because it’s who I am 😉 Now let’s look at the details.

First, I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. A condition currently plaguing women and men around the world. It’s an autoimmune disease where one’s body turns against the thyroid gland, wishing it dead. While the disease is pretty easy on me, Hashimoto’s is known to be quite harsh on some. I’m not entirely invincible to its limitations, though, and so my life, including my athletic performance, is somewhat impacted by this condition—I can’t work out too hard too often and it takes my body longer to regenerate.

Then there’s the fact that I’m not particularly fond of holding on to strict dietary regimes. I eat sweets, drink sodas, invite some junk food to my plate from time to time. In general, however, I make rather healthy food choices. I don’t eat meat and try to consume plenty of veggies and fruits. But because I don’t pay attention to calorie intake, my running weight is far from being appropriate. And believe me, every additional pound matters when running upwards of 5K.

Third, I’m not a professional athlete, far from it. I have no significant background in any sport. My training is solely based on what I learn from running literature and blogs and my empirical trials of what works and what makes me feel like dying. The latter often being the case, as you’ll see from my workouts 😉

Having all that in mind, I decided to set up this blog to show that everyone can run and aim for good times, even if you’re not in perfect shape or disposition. Without refusing yourself the pleasure of chocolate or the rewarding taste of pizza, you can fly over the asphalt like Kipchoge himself! Or at least imagine you’re doing it that way 😛

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